Tough crowd

I am not a failure, I have made a mistake.

That sentence puts two thoughts that are separate into almost exactly the same space. Our brain can do the same and do it crushingly well. We can be far too harsh a judge of ourselves, which could stop us trying new things. Experimenting, adapting, pursuing our hopes and dreams.

Fear of feedback can also make it difficult to grow. Ploughing on heedlessly even when the reviews are bad or the boss is disappointed, unwilling to listen for fear of acknowledging mistakes. We’re still striving, but as we’re refusing guidance we might not be getting closer to the goals we’ve set.

It’s okay to face a tough crowd, they could be telling us what we need to hear. We need to look at feedback that’s offered, remove any venom or misdirection, consider if we’re really hearing their fears and what that could mean – then take it on board. If there’s anything left, of course.

As I watch a friend practicing piano and improving, I’m stuck by how we humans learn new skills.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s not failure.

It can be growth.

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