Tick tock. Tick tock.

I’ve been an IT project manager so you’d think I’d like to impose deadlines, but I don’t. Too often they’re just a statement of intent that a team thought, maybe, was possible, and then a spreadsheet got carried away with. When we make a deadline for ourselves though, about something we care about – having weighed up what’s realistic and achievable, it can be a commitment keenly felt.

Some folks are motivated by having the deadline prominently marked so that others can keep them accountable. Others do better by keeping their intent quiet and resolutely marching toward their goal. Knowing what works best for you is a great help in getting where you want to go.

If you need a change, don’t just daydream or be wistful about it.

Compose yourself, set a deadline.

Now, get to work.

Tick tock.

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