At dusk yesterday, when I was walking my pooch around the neighbourhood, two other dog walkers were heading toward each other in the near darkness. Expecting at least one of them to move to one side for the other, I felt a palpable anticipation as they grew closer. They just kept going even though they were looking at each other, and time seemed to be … Continue reading Intimacy

The squeakiest wheel gets the grease

Somehow I ended up watching a clip of a 1995 interview with James Earl Jones, which (to me) was most memorable for the American proverb I hadn’t heard before. It was a lead-in to mentioning the pain of unemployment felt within the Asian community in NYC. The nature of their protest, James Earl Jones said, is almost irrelevant – it’s about the pain. There are … Continue reading The squeakiest wheel gets the grease

Hope is sweet, pink on top

It’s not helpful to minimise what is happening, but it is helpful to remember that good can come from even the worst of times. Here’s a good read on how scientific endeavour has all but eliminated polio. For thousands of years, humans faced a paralysing illness that could strike anyone – president and remote rural worker alike. It’s less than a century since we discovered … Continue reading Hope is sweet, pink on top