The others

There’s an outpouring of support for the NHS here in the UK, which is unequivocally a good thing. Once the crisis is over, I hope the fervour remains and that we act and vote in ways that show a solid commitment beyond applause on the doorstep.

There lots of other folks that the nation is leaning on right now, too.

I’m humbled that there are people delivering constant critical care for the minimum wage, and often without a stable contract. Institutional care for ‘challenging’ children is being provided by these folks. Shelter and support for domestic abuse victims is being provided by these folks. The majority of caring for our elderly is being provided by these folks. There’s fare more than I can mention. Lots of other folk are also doing this, daily, without pay.

There’s no umbrella organisation in which to easily lump and root for the hundreds of thousands, I think millions, of people who are also battling furiously against the tide in this pandemic – in the UK alone. There’s no sensible way to list all the individuals that make up this army of ‘others’. Again, once this crisis is over, I hope we recognise the society we’ve built and consciously reshape it.

To all the people getting us through, my heartfelt thank you.

On the 24th of July, I hope you’ll help me to help some of them.

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