A vacation + a disaster = an adventure

Third hand wisdom here… one my blog crushes, Rohan Rajiv, drew out a few of the ‘68 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice‘ offered by Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired. One of the 68 pieces was about adventure. It reminded me that most of my fondest memories involve something going wrong and finding joy in the unexpected.

I bought a (probably) tenth-hand motorbike for next to nothing and it broke down a lot as I didn’t spend what I should have done on maintenance and repairs (ignoring another one of Kevin’s pieces of advice). Whenever I could escape the every day, I’d throw a small bag on the back and head to places where life was quieter.

On one trip, I wound up stranded without phone coverage in a place where very few people live, but I was bumped into by the most helpful person. They happened to own the village store some miles away and that had a landline phone, woohoo! We reminisced about shared travel while the RAC began a looooong journey to see what they could do for the bike. It was in pieces almost for longer than I spent riding it on that trip.

Not quite a disaster and certainly a treasured memory.

An adventure.

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