You run this show

I can’t remember where I first saw it, I’m going to paraphrase it, and it’s not universally true. But there’s truth in it and I feel it’s worth repeating.

Did you really have a bad day or did you have ten to twenty minutes where you let your thoughts get out of control and then you couldn’t get out of the funk you went into? C’mon – you run this show. Pay attention.

Some days really are bad. A lot of days can be bad in a row and that’s really hard. But it’s often not that anything bad is happening today, we’re just going round in circles about things that have already happened and we’re giving them too much power. I like this comment I stumbled across while looking for where I first have read the above:

This is a real thing. Psychologically speaking, your mind has a strong negative bias. That’s because all living humans are descended from survivors; people who were smart enough to pay attention to bad things. It’s an excellent way to perpetuate bloodlines, but a poor way to promote quality of life.

By default, our brain is geared toward surviving, not for feeling grateful or looking on the bright side.

We have to be taught that, and then to practice it.

Pay attention.

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