Make it optional

I’m running a lot more than I have in a while – I need to because I’m getting ready for a charity challenge that’s less than three months away (lockdown permitting).

Most of my life, running has been a release for me and key to it feeling that way is for there to be options.

My beloved normally asks where I’m going and the answer I give is usually simply ‘outside’. I’m not (often) being obtuse – I really just don’t know. I don’t know which road will look appealing, or even be able to say what might be appealing. Some days I’ll want to take the hilly street, perhaps all the hilly streets. Other days I’ll want to go fast and that wooded track I normally love isn’t going to help.

There’s a grown-up post hidden in here – something about aligning incentives to ensure the right outcome, I think.

To get the best out of me, just give me scope to do what I love – that’ll do.

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