Stage fright

I’ve not often had trouble choosing what to write about, until just now.

The day to day usually suggests something to me. When I go running, especially, more springs to mind than I can remember once I stop. So much so that I try to remember only one idea before I sit down to write and a number of times I’ve semi-drafted a ‘one is enough’ post in my head while trotting along!

Today, with something of an audience, I’ve been at a loss.

Emotionally, it’s been a tough day for a few reasons. My beloved has offered helpful perspectives while I’ve just stomped around like a bear with a sore head. Eventually, a chocolate eclair upgraded with nutella and raspberry jam marked a turning point in my mood, after which I settled back into this morning’s positive thoughts. I’d watched a TED talk about stubborn optimism.

Yes, things are difficult and the road daunting, but the show still goes on. We must continue, with hope, to work toward better and brighter.

Tomorrow is another day.

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