And now we wait

I don’t want to wait. I’ve put in the work and I want to see the results. Although I haven’t created this before, everything (so far) tells me I’m going to be delighted and will want to share. This is something that could make life better for those around me, which is sorely needed at the moment.

If it’s not ready though, if it’s not right?

As it is for me and my pharaoh mint choc crunch bars, so it is for those working on a coronavirus vaccine. Except, obviously, one will be planet changing and the other is just going be a treat (or not). Controlled trials prove the worth of a potential vaccine; an hour in the freezer turns my lump of flavoured oil into something worth sharing.

Waiting is hard, but it’s worth it.

Necessary, even.


(Photo by Anton Malanin on Unsplash)

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