A powerful story, if told that way

Chris is a former soldier who struggled with ‘civvie street’ and became homeless.

With help from SSAFA he was a single parent for his daughter until she was able to attend college with some independence. Still finding ‘normal life’ difficult, he decided to walk the UK’s coast to raise money for the organisation that helped him massively. His story is inspirational and unconventional. It resonates with me and I applaud him wholeheartedly.

Told differently, it’s a story of failure.

To adapt. To live like others do. To respond how we’re supposed to. To move on and move up.

I don’t see it that way, to be clear.

But you could clip and zoom in on different elements; you could play mood music that suits a different narrative. There’s a good reason why movies have a Director’s Cut – how you frame each moment can bring you a different conclusion.

So how do you tell your story?

To yourself, first and foremost?

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