At dusk yesterday, when I was walking my pooch around the neighbourhood, two other dog walkers were heading toward each other in the near darkness. Expecting at least one of them to move to one side for the other, I felt a palpable anticipation as they grew closer.

They just kept going even though they were looking at each other, and time seemed to be slowing for me as they got closer.

Once they were clearly within two metres of one another I felt the hair standing up on the back of my neck. This was so bold! So unexpected! I wasn’t judging them, I was merely caught up. A voyeur, fixated by something tantalising.

Nonchalantly they pecked each other on the lips, then one of them turned around and they both went into the house they were in front of. Ah-ha! The moment passed, the evening was again hushed and empty, but coloured by something that had me almost aquiver.

I was reminded of movies that use tone and setting to instil their emotion. Subtlety delivering more than raw imagery could.

Less is sometimes more.

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