When the tank is empty

It looks like a lot of other folks have really got it together and you don’t. It seems that x, y, and z is going well for them. And them over there, too. What’s wrong with you?

That person over there though, they’re looking at you and noticing that:

  • your fitness is really coming back
  • you’re eating more healthily
  • there’s progress on that project that you’re working on
  • you had kind words to share when they needed them
  • despite hardship, you’re still getting up and getting on
  • they’re stressed and working hard to be and seem happy; they don’t know how you do it

What we see from the outside can be deceptive. Our self-inventory can be deceptive. Remember that when you’re thinking how green the grass looks over there.

ps. This post is specifically from me to me, but switch up that list a bit and it’ll be true for you, too, when you need it to be.

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