Hope is sweet, pink on top

It’s not helpful to minimise what is happening, but it is helpful to remember that good can come from even the worst of times.

Here’s a good read on how scientific endeavour has all but eliminated polio. For thousands of years, humans faced a paralysing illness that could strike anyone – president and remote rural worker alike. It’s less than a century since we discovered the vaccine and reduced the number of global cases to double digits.

The World Health Organisation remains at the forefront of programmes to eradicate infectious diseases (including polio) with success against smallpox certified in 1979. Every day, vital work continues to protect billions of people – with or without a pandemic in the news.

Long-sighted leaders will keep working toward our collective well-being, during and after the crises that dominate today’s short-term agenda. There are still people selling snake oil, but they face a growing army of expertise delivering real miracles and making life sweeter.

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