Make your world larger

I’m a big fan of things that are tangible. Of connecting with people, in the flesh.

In a sense, the coronavirus has created a different world overnight. It’s much smaller than we’ve been used to – although of course we have tools that enable worldwide connection at the click of a button.

A friend and I have been talking about a book, 21 Lessons, that I haven’t read yet. Although he already has an audible and e-book version, he didn’t have a hard copy. So, I ordered two copies – one for me and one for him – and had them sent to our respective addresses. His had a comical delivery note that while he wasn’t so tickled by, his family certainly were.

As he told me about the package being delivered (and his kids having a chuckle), I was transported into his kitchen in a way that video calls haven’t really achieved. I can’t explain it – it doesn’t make logical sense that I should feel that way. Perhaps knowing that something tangible arrived and that he held it. We’ll each turn our respective pages and trade thoughts in the coming days and weeks. A fusion of worlds.

How can you make your world larger?

ps. If you know the address for Gower Towers – cake by post would be a good thing. :^)

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