Make the bed

If you need to, keep a blanket on the sofa, but use it sparingly.

A lesson offered by a few ex-military folks with a book to sell – make the bed when you get up. It sets you up for the day. Similarly, my blog crush Dan offers some little acts that keep us in good form.

I’m not a stickler for routines to get through each day, as I treasure the flexibility that every moment offers and resent feeling I don’t have broad choices. Nonetheless, every morning, give yourself the best chance at accomplishing what you want to that day. Prepare, turn up, bring the right attitude. Understand it might not go the way you want, though. You could need a rest and respite is not defeat.

Leave the bed made – use the blanket.

A setback is no more than that, if have at it again and again until you’re around, through, or over the obstacle.

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