I don’t look like that

In thinking how to move up the ladder it can help to look to an icon, a mentor, or someone you know who’s already ‘made it’. Deconstructing their success offers clues on how to achieve our goals. But.

It’s dispiriting to see they started with advantages you don’t have. Down-heartening to see their journey as smoother than yours, so far. Frustrating to recognise they got a lucky break when it could have gone the other way. Their lives look like success was coming and they just had to put the work in. Your life doesn’t look like that. Or.

The reverse may be true. Your idol fought the good fight and won. Took every wrong turn and still reached the right neighbourhood. Adversity struck them, but tenacity saw them through. Your life doesn’t look like that – every damn day is a battle and you wonder what you gained at the end of it.

Stand-out successes are different somehow, of course, by their very nature. Their story is re-told precisely because it isn’t the norm.

If you don’t fit the mold, that’s okay. Your story will be better for it.

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