A vacation + a disaster = an adventure

Third hand wisdom here… one my blog crushes, Rohan Rajiv, drew out a few of the ‘68 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice‘ offered by Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired. One of the 68 pieces was about adventure. It reminded me that most of my fondest memories involve something going wrong and finding joy in the unexpected. I bought a (probably) tenth-hand motorbike for next to … Continue reading A vacation + a disaster = an adventure


Those things that provide a rush of emotion – almost before you’ve realised what’s happening – they’re really pointers. From your body’s reaction, you need to tease out what will create positive change for you, if it isn’t already clear. That split second provides great insight on what’s been inside you for a long time. Don’t waste it by merely indulging in a reaction. Also, … Continue reading Triggered

A powerful story, if told that way

Chris is a former soldier who struggled with ‘civvie street’ and became homeless. With help from SSAFA he was a single parent for his daughter until she was able to attend college with some independence. Still finding ‘normal life’ difficult, he decided to walk the UK’s coast to raise money for the organisation that helped him massively. His story is inspirational and unconventional. It resonates … Continue reading A powerful story, if told that way