Get rolling

Sat here wondering what to start typing, I’ve decided to try the streak of consciousness method of writing that I understand some folks start their day with. If this blog is about learning something (sometimes) then perhaps this is a lesson in real-time, rather than a reflection. Thus far, it’s clear that words can spill onto the page even if my brain hasn’t actively prepared … Continue reading Get rolling

Tall, unnecessary, poorly designed. Or not?

This morning I’m travelling to a meeting, so I walked to the train station and made a point of noticing what’s around me. Two things stuck out. A tall monument and a nondescript office block that looked down on those nearby. Both were clear against the skyline. The monument is a lasting testament to the victims of a cholera outbreak and showcases the work of … Continue reading Tall, unnecessary, poorly designed. Or not?


One of the least helpful things to do in a crisis, is panic. Your next actions become unpredictable and you can’t be sure what you do will be helpful or not. Panic is also a natural reaction, of course – some conditioning is required to prevent it. Being in the armed forces taught me the motto ‘train hard, fight easy’. The principle is universally valid. … Continue reading Panic!

Chatham House rules

The first of the Chatham House rules is that there’s actually only one rule. The second (not really, see the first rule – oh, that’s confusing) is that open discussion is important in order for controversial opinions to be aired. The Chatham House rule is primarily to encourage better international relations, but its spirit is much more widely applicable. In an era where free speech … Continue reading Chatham House rules