Agency. Me. Myself. And you.

I’ve written before about the importance of hope. Also about how a lack of agency quickly raises my frustration. Reflection has made it clear that there’s a corollary here – feeling I have agency is hugely important in the battle against depression. At least for me.

On finishing Johann Hari’s book, Lost Connections, I’ve looked at some of the problems with his work and realise that biases and opinion are at the hub of all I write, too. I’m okay with that, it’s my blog after all! It might just be that I crave agency while some people want their lives to be a passenger experience, I’m not sure.

What I might exhort others to do is coloured by what works for me, and that will be true for you, too. Perhaps the most important freedom we need then, is to be able to say ‘no’. ‘This is not for me’.

That won’t make it wrong for everybody else.

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