Episode Four

Hope is the worst thing of all to lose. Without it, every moment, every step can feel like the most dreadful road to nowhere. With it, even the most frail can become indomitable.

Right now everyone faces a battle of some kind and a great many face invisible battles within their own mind, even as their home is healthy, safe and sufficiently stocked. Beyond any immediate needs, let’s all remember to offer hope to one another in some kind. Once you’re out of hope and need to find it on your own, you’ll be blinkered at best and scarcely able to search. Lay a bread crumb trail while you can, if not for you then for others.

I thank my friend, H, for giving me hope when I could no longer lift my head, and they didn’t even realise what they’d given me.

Stay safe. Keep your eyes open. Lay the trail.

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