One, two, miss a few…

Thursday wasn’t a good day for me. Friday was worse and I ended speaking to the mental health crisis team. It helped. I’m still troubled, but I’m able to function much more like my normal self again.

I missed two days blogging. As I got to my feet after the unplanned breather, it’s been tempting to miss more.

There’s a good excuse, but that’s not the same as having a good reason.

Life’s tough and sometimes puts us down quickly, harshly and leaves us struggling to get up. This is true across the globe right now, because of the corona virus. If needs must, take the one-two – counting as slowly as you need to. Beware the ‘miss a few’ though, or you’ll end up at ninety-nine-a-hundred and wish you’d done more.

Onwards. Upwards. Make your difference.

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