Balance and ambition

I subscribed to the Ambition & Balance newsletter yesterday, essentially committing to reading the Doist blog. The title and ethos that it nods to really speak to me. In a separate take on balance, I’m struggling to find an optimum (or at least good enough) strategy for absorbing the world’s events.

24 hour news is available via any number of outlets. There’s a plethora of weekly summaries that offer a greater focus. Industry-specific titles abound and opinions from across the political spectrum are easy to find.

How to balance the ability to consume with what needs (or ought) to be consumed?

The first step is to be clear on my ambition. Work out what I want to know and how much time I want to give to learning about it. Keeping abreast of breaking news doesn’t deliver enough value for me. Trying to absorb all the key events in one summary is overwhelming. I need to find balance.

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