Agency. Me. Myself. And you.

I’ve written before about the importance of hope. Also about how a lack of agency quickly raises my frustration. Reflection has made it clear that there’s a corollary here – feeling I have agency is hugely important in the battle against depression. At least for me. On finishing Johann Hari’s book, Lost Connections, I’ve looked at some of the problems with his work and realise … Continue reading Agency. Me. Myself. And you.

If a tree falls in the woods

If a person suffers and the world doesn’t notice, is the world a better or worse place? If one person gets mental health help and five people don’t have their broken bones set quickly as a result, is the world a better or worse place? If people function enough to produce and consume because of anti-depressants, but those same people never recover from their issues, … Continue reading If a tree falls in the woods

It’s transitory

I’m coming off one anti-depressant and moving on to another at the moment. This is having a number of adverse effects that should pass and then, hopefully, I’ll have an improved overall mood and suffer fewer side-effects than before. Change was needed, thought about, and the new regime is welcome. In the software industry one of the roles I’ve most enjoyed is Service Transition Manager. … Continue reading It’s transitory

Digital resignation

In reading an old-ish article about Instagram making shopping easier, I learned a new term – digital resignation. Rather than poorly summarise the article, I’ll quote the last two paragraphs here: [Digital] resignation can “discourage the larger or collective types of action that might actually have substantial consequences.” That’s exactly the problem: Instagram might be willing to hand me the keys to cultural approval, but … Continue reading Digital resignation