What’s the difference?

It’s an important question any time you’re trying to improve something. In software, developers very often use the phrase “it works on my machine” and this can be maddening to a user experiencing a bug. Except for the lazy developer, what the phrase really means is “there’s something different between my environment and yours, that’s responsible for this anomalous behaviour”. Working out the difference is … Continue reading What’s the difference?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

I read an article yesterday about the role some former landfill sites now play in helping maintain Britain’s biodiversity. It’s great to think that this is happening, but it doesn’t take any of us off the hook for considering the environment much more carefully. More slowly than I’d have liked, I’ve cottoned on to how important the order is of these three words: Reduce. Reuse. … Continue reading Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

You have to start

It’s obvious, but I know from talking with good friends yesterday that I’m not alone in often struggling to. There are obstacles. There’s a better time. The path from start to success isn’t clear. It’s tiring and you’re already tired. You’ve tried before. There might be a host of good reasons, but once you actually start you can work at overcoming them. They’re probably not … Continue reading You have to start

It’s expected so go through it

I’ve acknowledged that I can be very sensitive to feedback. I genuinely welcome suggestions for improvement, but feel strongly that how the message is delivered is important. Some people either don’t care how their message is received, don’t recognise the importance of that (which isn’t universal), or actively seek to an uncomfortable feeling alongside their message. Right now I have a particular messenger in mind, … Continue reading It’s expected so go through it

Write, as if no-one is reading

Which I do, because the stats tell me no-one is reading! :^) That’s okay, as this blog is for me. It’s to enunciate current thoughts, better absorb old thoughts, and generate new thoughts. So far it’s accomplishing all those aims. This blog is like a spotlight, for me. Every day there’s an area that I look a little longer at, or a little more closely … Continue reading Write, as if no-one is reading

Simple pleasures are a priceless luxury

While I was working today, my beloved sent me a photo of my big dawg snoozing while leaning into their lap. A lovely a photo that warmed my heart, thinking about my dawg relaxing with me at times. These experiences build on connection and don’t need much money. My boss told me a little later how he enjoyed being able to listen to his kids … Continue reading Simple pleasures are a priceless luxury

Helping those in need

Someone I care deeply about is very unwell and suffering from serious mental health issues compounded by anorexia’s debilitating physical effects. I’d prefer to say they’re battling with rather than suffering from these issues, but I don’t believe they are. I desperately want to help make things better and have been working at it for a very long time, alongside others who also care deeply … Continue reading Helping those in need