Ramp it up

My big pooch has just had his second cruciate ligament operation and won’t be going out for walkies any time soon. He still needs to go the toilet, though, and thankfully we have a small garden. Unfortunately there are some steep steps to get to it and he’s big enough that carrying him is challenging. So, I built a ramp.

He refused to use the ramp. Steadfastly refused.

I’m not sure why, but he seemed scared of it. I’ve carried him up to the garden for a couple of days and I don’t have a hernia yet, though one might be coming. Every time he goes up, I’ve put the two planks from the ramp on the grass and we’ve taken a walk on them. Hesitantly at first. Now, without any issue. As he gets comfortable I’ve been introducing a slope, so it’s becoming a ramp. He gets used to it, then we rinse and repeat at a greater angle.

If tackling something is tricky, is there a way to break it down?

Today we finish ramping it up – he’s taking the steps that he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) a couple of days ago.

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