Immersion, VR style

A fried who I play Dungeons and Dragons with bought a VR headset recently. This prompted discussion about how cool DnD would be in VR. Sure, it would be very cool to really feel a part of the world my friends and I conjure up in our imagination. But it wouldn’t capture all of the magic and I think would leave the best bits out.

Playing around a table, rolling dice and reacting both in and out of character, we get to see different perspectives and experience a lot more interaction. The players agonise over a decision that a character will spend but a moment executing in-game. They talk amongst themselves, scowl at the Dungeon Master, they laugh or cower as well as (or in contrast to) the heroes they’re role-playing.

In an encounter, one round is only six seconds of game time. In real time, that’s so many more minutes of tension, excitement and discussion. VR could look beautiful, but could it be as nail-biting and sociable?

And then, of course, there’s the fighting over the snacks…

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