When opportunity knocks

Unexpectedly, you have a chance to share some of your work more widely than you’d anticipated. You’re concerned that it won’t be well received, that the prospective audience isn’t the one you hoped for. You find yourself wondering what there is in the early work you don’t remember so well (which the internet serves up easily), that isn’t great. Worse – what is there in your recent work that isn’t great?

Perhaps this isn’t a good time to share – there are always some reasons not to.

Have you written only for you though? Could it benefit or be of interest to others? Could just the knowledge that someone has an eye on it help you? If your words don’t elicit direct feedback when read, that’s feedback in itself. It’s frightening, exciting – the idea that your words might reach another. Dare you?

Just for a moment, consider the alternative. Then be heard.

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