Fitness update: make it easy and attractive

I’m finally starting to get on top of doing some training, after a long period where it’s felt surprisingly (to me) difficult to be enthused about the idea. In years gone by I’ve needed little encouragement to get outside and run, so I’ve had to recognise how major life events have changed that position.

The key difference in this most recent attempt to train, is making it easy and making it attractive.

To make it easy, I’ve put my running kit near the door and set myself pretty low expectations about how much and how often I’ll train – it’s made starting seem less formidable and I do more than I’ve intended once I get rolling anyway.

Making it attractive is harder. I’ve been calorie counting and that helps show the impact of exercising pretty clearly. I’ve also bought post-run treats ahead of time, that I promise to my beloved if I don’t get out to do the training I plan. When I’m wavering about going, I think about those two things together and get a strong sense that running is of benefit.

For me at least, a gentle start and loose goals seem the best way to get rolling.

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