Helicopter crash simulation

My beloved is, in their words, in ‘limbo’ at the minute. It’s difficult for them and is bringing up a sense of ‘running out of time’, which I’m doing my best to help with.

Perhaps oddly, I was reminded of helicopter underwater escape training I went through many moons ago. The simulated craft hits the water in the dark, there’s some deliberately disorienting flashes while the craft rotates as it goes under, then you unclip and exit to the surface. The first time it happens there’s panic and an overwhelming feeling of there not being enough time.

By the end of the training, I won’t say it’s entirely comfortable, but you understand that there is sufficient time and that patience helps make best of use the limited amount available. If you’re at the back of the craft you can’t exit until those in front of you have. This is where the panic comes from the first time around – it feels like a scrum and there’s only a small window to exit through. As it gets familiar, you use the time to check you’re clear of obstacles, run through drills and mentally rehearse the handholds you’ll need once others have moved.

The next important steps for my beloved are already known; the best use of their time is to prepare for what is coming and not remonstrate that the future is slow to arrive.

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