There may be no tomorrow

Yesterday I was reading about a writer who hung a plaster angel statue above his desk, carrying a message of “Remember Death”. About this, he writes:

Something about this particular reminder got through to me, as if I had never linked the two words together before, had never probed the meaning of either one alone or truly considered the imperative mood, and I had to own it, had to bring it home to our little apartment and hang it above my writing table, so that every time I looked up from my struggle to write my first poems and stories, I would see it, and I would remember death…On a profound level, beyond the purely personal, beyond pop-romanticism, beyond politics, beyond history, beyond even genocide and terrorism, it’s saying, Never forget. I took it as a command, not a mere reminder.

Russell Banks

Sensing this was important for driving progress, I immediately created a reminder to design a sign of my own. For tomorrow. Oh the irony in creating the reminder to be done tomorrow. Which is actually now today and as of nearly half past ten this evening I still haven’t done it.

I’ve a sense of wry regret at not having done it, and yet I feel I’ve spent the day wisely with my beloved nonetheless. What would I, would you, have done differently if you truly felt tomorrow wasn’t a given?

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