It’s a valid concern

My beloved expressed their concern at a half-baked plan I was hatching, to outrun a friend by tacking a hilly surprise on the end of a jog we might do. They said, and meant, “be careful, don’t have heart attack”. I reacted angrily, feeling insulted and improperly assessed.

In truth, it’s a valid concern. I am overweight and that far off being medically obese. Although years back I’ve ran ultra-marathons in less than an ideal shape, I was at least doing a lot of exercise then and I’m doing essentially none now. My father’s first significant heart problems came in his late forties following low levels of activity despite being very, very fit in his younger days; I’m in my mid-forties and have a similar fitness profile. Yes, my diet is better (a little) and I don’t drink alcohol (he drank a lot), but still their concern isn’t unwarranted. Here’s what I could have done:

  • Acknowledged the concern
  • Recognised the need to be fitter
  • Thanked my beloved for caring

They would have been more valid responses. Much better than my initial reaction.

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