React vs respond

There are many things that I’ve gotten better at choosing my response to, but at least one thing that generates an immediate reaction. If I feel my agency threatened, I give a reflexive and strong rebuttal that’s often inflammatory; hardly the response a Stoic should choose. In this context, I define agency as: The capacity of an actor to choose their actions. It’s ironic that … Continue reading React vs respond

Narrative – how do you do you?

Talking about families today with my beloved, we hit again on the importance of the narrative you choose for yourself. Yes, you choose the narrative that you wrap around events that occur. Optimism doesn’t always win out, but it’s the better long-term choice. It encourages trying again, levelling up, and self-determination. You can win and there is progress to be made. Tomorrow is another day … Continue reading Narrative – how do you do you?

Discourse and disagreement

To have meaningful discussion, it’s important to be able to disagree. That’s not the same as accepting someone being disagreeable all the time! I felt unwilling to contribute to a discussion yesterday as I didn’t feel comfortable disagreeing with its instigator. By coincidence I read a great post from Wait But Why a little later, highlighting how political polarisation is taking away people’s ability to … Continue reading Discourse and disagreement

Freak shows are still with us

My beloved has a passionate interest in the Victorian era and especially it’s more macabre and grotesque aspects. They find the freak shows of the time both repulsive and fascinating – from a scientific perspective the anatomical anomalies induce curiosity, while the notion that people point and laugh at those from different cultures or battling unfortunate circumstances is offensive. Quite rightly, most of society find … Continue reading Freak shows are still with us

Simple algorithmic thinking

Rare that a day goes by without my worrying that algorithms are increasingly taking over. Not in the Skynet (Terminator) sense, or even the NSA’s SKYNET. In the much broader sense, the business world is encouraging algorithms even where it doesn’t seem appropriate, or (at least) a complex algorithm is required. Recruitment, certainly in the rank and file of software development, is very big on … Continue reading Simple algorithmic thinking

Story telling – the fourth pillar

By happy coincidence, I’ve watched Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker – an exercise in the story telling I have in mind here. I’m not saying the story was well told and I don’t want to critique the film (I like these posts fairly short); but the narrative was a redemptive one across many layers. Life is often tough and is, I think, objectively uncaring … Continue reading Story telling – the fourth pillar