Gaming – now, and back then

I used to wait eagerly for an email from Steam, to tell me which of the games I would like were on sale. When it arrived, there was disappointment if what I was hoping to play wasn’t in the list of games on sale – I didn’t have enough money to justify buying at full price (or even a small reduction).

Today, I got an email saying 20 games on my wishlist were on sale. That’s almost all of them!

With hardly any thought I deleted the email – every game would be a distraction now I’ve a much clearer idea of what I hope to accomplish. The thing I gnashed my teeth over, frustrated that I couldn’t hit ‘purchase’, is in the past. Along with wanting to upgrade my PC, monitor and so on.

It’s good to have swapped apparent ‘pleasure’ that came with bothersome demands, for purpose that comes with meaning and drive.

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