Stars, they are such a pleasure

Near the top of a mountain, well away from tarmac roads and the light from our towns and cities, a clear night-time sky is a joy to behold. Wrapped up well, the wonder of millions of pin-pricks of light take us out of ourselves to be entranced by the scale of a universe we barely contemplate day to day. A perfect backdrop to be reading Becky Chambers’ latest book – Record of a Spaceborn Few.

The book, like life, has drama and tension amid incredible beauty and neighbourly compassion. What I love about Becky’s work is that there’s as much focus on tenderness as there is on adventure; feelings of community run deep across the pages. Stars, you can’t help but have the feels in the universe she creates!

In all of Becky’s books there’s a reminder that caring and appreciation shrink the distance between two people.

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