Go Out Of Your Way

Change is a constant that we can count on. That’s not to say it’s always positive, but change is inevitable. One of the byproducts of that is often growth and renewal.

If you’ve grown sluggish and hadn’t noticed, hardened unhelpful attitudes without thinking why, got stuck or had things go stale in all sorts of ways, a good shake-up can be the spur to positive action.

For me, being somewhere new or seeing somewhere familiar with someone who hasn’t been there, is a great way to switch things up. Taking a new approach to a task that’s familiar precipitates fresh thinking. Just watching or being near an unfamiliar activity, never mind taking part, makes me re-evaluate some things that had become a given.

There are lots of ways to invigorate growth:

  • Try a new programming language or framework.
  • Examine what creates success in a sport (that you can tolerate).
  • Read the seminal texts for your industry, or a related one.
  • Consider how a philosophical approach would change you, even if you wouldn’t adopt it.
  • Examine debating points on an issue you care about – from both sides.
  • Travel, and seek immersion in what is foreign to you.

Each new day is another opportunity to go out of your way to find growth and renewal.

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