Story telling – the fourth pillar

By happy coincidence, I’ve watched Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker – an exercise in the story telling I have in mind here. I’m not saying the story was well told and I don’t want to critique the film (I like these posts fairly short); but the narrative was a redemptive one across many layers.

Life is often tough and is, I think, objectively uncaring about you as an individual. Life makes sense, or rather we make sense of life, through the stories we tell ourselves about it. If a something unfortunate happens and we believe bad things always happen to us, it lends a particular meaning to each event. If we tell the story that we learn, improve and progress through adversity, then the same unfortunate event becomes empowering as we overcome.

“A difficult childhood made me see the world as harsh and uncaring, so I protect myself through isolation”, or you might prefer “a difficult childhood taught me the value of a helping hand, so I share when I can and help others”. The childhood is the same, but the chosen narrative can change everything.

Whatever your background, whatever has happened so far in your life, how you tell your story creates the meaning it holds for your future.

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