Equanimity – I missed the point

My phone reminds me to ‘value discipline, perspective, equanimity’ quite regularly at the moment. The way my brain works, I use reminders to reinforce messages that I want to absorb.

Recent events at home have been causing difficulty for my beloved and I became very frustrated and upset about this. As I reflected on my reaction (not response), I realised that it boiled down to a fear of the impact these difficulties would have on my own frame of mind – my equanimity. As a follower of Stoic philosophy, it’s important to me to remain calm and composed in the face of difficulty and instinctively I feared this threat.

My reaction underscores how easy it is to miss the point though.

It’s not for me to avoid any trial or hardship and thereby remain composed. It’s go through whatever is necessary, supporting those around me and remain level-headed as I do so.

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