Calm examination of the problem

If you’re tight on resources, but have the luxury of some time, be sure to examine problems calmly and iteratively. The easiest solution is unlikely to be the most resourceful and it’s okay to move in stages towards the ideal. Becoming disheartened because I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted quickly, or even on just the first pass, was very common for me. Once disheartened I’d … Continue reading Calm examination of the problem

You don’t know what you’re doing

Or perhaps you just don’t know how it’s going to work out, which is not quite the same thing. When in a holding pattern – between jobs; pushing for major change; expecting results; needing approval – it won’t be clear what’s going to happen next. It might feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re looking further than you can see and overlooking … Continue reading You don’t know what you’re doing

I wouldn’t have no luck at all

If it wasn’t for bad luck, or for hard work back in the day. My beloved, due to circumstances no-one would ask for, hasn’t enjoyed a traditional career and is currently battling to find ‘regular’ employment. A very talented and creative person, they consider this unfair as there are many roles they could do exceptionally well, but just don’t have a track record of. I’ve … Continue reading I wouldn’t have no luck at all

Untested assumptions

In software development, assumptions cause a lot of issues. Particularly when they’re quite speculative and not tested until as early as is practicable. Re-work or deadline extensions follow, inevitably. Sometimes the reverse is true, in life as well as in software. We thought something was needed or complicated that turns out not to be, and this pleasant surprise (unless profiteering on hourly work) leads to … Continue reading Untested assumptions