It’s how you feel that counts

I’m very lucky to have two laptops from work – one a MacBook Air and the other a Lenovo ThinkPad.

The ThinkPad has a better spec and is technically the best PC I’ve ever had. I’m very pleased with it and I can’t think of anything to fault. If you asked me to tell you about it, I wouldn’t be talking for long. It was more expensive than the MacBook, by some margin.

The MacBook is relatively low-powered and has quite a few foibles that cause me minor irritation. I love it though and I can talk about it for a long time. How it feels when I run my fingers over the case; how the screen deserves to be kept smudge-free; how the keys are a bit odd to type on but also feel a bit special.

For any given task the ThinkPad is better, but it’s the MacBook I keep going for. It just feels good.

Someone else could have the same machines and choose the other way around – because of how each machine feels to them.

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