The need for more resources

I feel like I’d benefit a lot from more resources, by which I really mean more money. Not for day-to-day living, but to improve the conditions in my (often freezing) workshop.

If I put in a new heater so it warmed up quickly, I’d be more likely to go. If I put down even just a cheap rug, I’d want to spend more time there. If it felt less makeshift, the space would seem more conducive to building a long-lasting business. There’s a long list of improvements that could be made, for the workshop to be a more pleasing and creative environment. To work through that list though, I need more money. Since I don’t have that to hand I’d have to borrow it.

As I find myself wondering where I could borrow it from, I’m reminded of this line in one of Rohan Rajiv’s recent blogposts:

If we can’t get the best out of the resources we have, why should we be trusted with more?

There’s nothing stopping me using the space I have to generate the money I ‘need’ – I must avoid putting the cart before the horse.

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