The Geek Manifesto

It’s a good book in the sense of breaking down how government, media, the economy and other sectors overlook the benefit of a scientific approach in general and evidence in particular. I don’t feel it’s a good read in terms of how to change this though. Scientific rationality doesn’t capture the hearts and minds of most of our population. Media and government discern this clearly, … Continue reading The Geek Manifesto

When all you have is a hammer…

…everything looks like a nail. The Law of the Instrument isn’t how I’d known this principle but is one I’ve been aware of for a long time. I was pleased, and a little surprised, to recognise I’ve been approaching a joint enterprise with some friends, as if it were a nail because I’ve got a (laser-cutting) hammer. Ironically, the three of us are software developers … Continue reading When all you have is a hammer…

It’s an effort, till it’s a habit

At first, doing something different or even just more than you did before, is an effort. If you keep doing it with good reason and with intent, it will eventually become a habit. 21 days to form a habit is a myth, that’s peddled especially well by apps that want your attention. A scientific study found variation of between 18 and 254 days, depending on … Continue reading It’s an effort, till it’s a habit

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, my brain seemed fixed on how stuck I felt. I resisted its message, acknowledging that they’re thoughts and nothing more. Recognising that while there was accuracy in their message, I knew it wasn’t the whole picture. Of course, I didn’t just snap out of it and I didn’t feel on top of world for thinking that my thinking was just thinking… Today, I feel … Continue reading What a difference a day makes

The whole picture

Related to taking different perspectives, is remembering to view the whole picture. Helpful even if you still only manage to look at things from a single, narrow perspective. The car broke down again. A frustrating sign that nothing goes right for you? The whole picture shows simply that you prioritised. You invested in developing skills instead of servicing the car. You could live without the … Continue reading The whole picture