Motivation is a fire from within

If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly

This may not be true for everyone; it is absolutely true for me and I’m struggling massively with being motivated at the moment.

Not (as was the case when I was severely clinically depressed) with getting out of bed or doing household tasks, but with my day job. There’s nothing wrong with my role – it’s within my capability while still requiring a little stretch, the salary is fair; I love my line manager. Nonetheless, I’m missing the fire from within.

Taking a step back, I’ve had a good think about why this might be. It’s connected to my long term future, I believe – the path I’m on isn’t one that I see myself flourishing on. I can head capably along this path, but I can’t force myself to go quicker when I know it leads to the wrong destination.

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