Level up against injustice

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons today and the party took out an evil Duergar Duke who was deceiving a local populace while embracing a pact with a devil. Within the party we weren’t sure we could tackle the Duke (and his expected associates) but we did anyway. Having done so, and won, we levelled up and will go on to tackle the next step up the ladder of malevolent antagonists.

So far, so off-topic for this blog – but y’know, parallels to the administration of Donald Trump abound…

In real life, we don’t leap fearlessly into battle, of course. We can’t roll another character if things go badly and the consequences for our actions can’t be packed up at the end of a session. Nonetheless we must take action where we can – even with attendant risk. How else can we progress against the wrongs that face society and how else do we level up to fight bigger battles over the course of our lifetimes?

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