Make satisfaction possible

A friend of mine, like me, is trying to improve their habit keeping. There are lots of different habits they’d like and so they’re listing and tracking them. In thinking of all the habits we’d like to keep though, I wonder if there’s a danger in looking at too many at once?

Especially if we’re not feeling on top form (which is precisely when we feel the need to track), it can be difficult to be motivated. Looking at a picture that says “well done – you achieved all the things” based on a select few core habits is, to me , more satisfying than seeing “you’ve done some stuff – here’s a load of things you didn’t do”. In the former case it’s easy to see headway and build forward as foundations are laid. In the latter, one can’t help noticing how much remains to be done and wonder if it’s at all possible.

I absolutely believe in big goals; broken down so that you can recognise and be satisfied with each day’s progress.

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