Attend to learning

My beloved has recently started studying towards an MSc, having left full-time education over 15 years ago. The course subject is tough and the prerequisite level of knowledge wasn’t made clear. Understandably, my beloved is concerned about keeping up (indeed, catching up) and passing. Hoping to help, I’ve shared my view that their attention is aimed squarely at the deficit in knowledge. This almost guarantees … Continue reading Attend to learning

It’s always wise to look ahead…

…but difficult to look further than we can see, said Winston Churchill. Without a contraction, I’m sure. For me, the difficulty of looking too far doesn’t stop me trying and in doing so, losing sight of the present. I’m enjoying reading ‘Happiness by Design‘ by Paul Dolan, who explains the role of attention economics in our everyday happiness. In essence, how much pleasure and purpose … Continue reading It’s always wise to look ahead…

Algorithms and business

The starting point for automation is to reduce an operation or process to a finite number of concrete steps that can be repeated with the same inputs to produce the same outcome. Algorithms are the basis for the astounding amount we can accomplish with computing power and often disappointing results we get from humans abiding by them. They are, of course, very useful when deployed … Continue reading Algorithms and business

They’re idiots

When we disagree with people, we can be quick to label them. ‘They’re idiots’ is one of the kinder statements we might use for folks with radically different views. Particularly as we talk with those whose who share our own views, we get tribal and alienate the other. This is natural human behaviour – tribalism has evolutionary roots. It’s also behaviour we should work at … Continue reading They’re idiots

Making amends

It’s not always possible to put right what you’ve got wrong. That’s not to say you can’t do anything – a sincere apology demonstrating genuine empathy, understanding and remorse will likely help. Actions speak louder than words though, as always. This doesn’t mean spending money to make it better. It doesn’t mean bake a cake and expect things are patched up. Giving your time and … Continue reading Making amends

Listen and understand

Twice recently, I felt that some interpersonal difficulties have been overcome with little direct effort. In both instances I wasn’t get through to the other person and I was frustrated that something apparently innocuous, had become contentious. The solution was simple and I believe came about as a benefit of meditation. I gave the other person space and I listened more the next time the … Continue reading Listen and understand