Unequal explanation

Even given an ideal access to opportunity and a good level of internal expectation, there might still be a problem of unequal explanation. By which I mean a lack of insight into how to meet one’s expectations.

Different walks of life have their own particular practices, their own protocols and ways of selecting who will progress or succeed. From street gangs to the ‘Establishment’, from charitable outreach work to the ruthless world of legal prosecution, each culture has mechanisms for choosing and developing those involved. Understanding these mechanisms can be tough from observation alone, especially if not from a background that dovetails with this ‘new world’.

Depending on the time of life, the necessary explanation can be sought or given in various ways. Parents with appropriate experience or shared understanding, career programmes, supportive colleagues, line management, mentors, coaches, literature, and so on. Having expectation and drive is a good start and thereafter a means must be found for the individual to understand how to stretch toward meeting it.

We can help or hinder with our cultural practices.

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