Persistence is fruitful.

My Dad didn’t teach me the value of persistence. Indeed, I don’t think he recognised it himself once he turned thirty. I’ve come to learn the importance of pushing through things that block you, and working towards what you believe in.

I desperately want to run my own company and nearly a decade ago I was planning to start a business with my daughter. It didn’t work out and that seems a very long time ago, but the dream hasn’t died. Running a small craft shop didn’t work out for me, but the dream hasn’t died. I’m working as a software developer again right now, as I did over a decade ago, but still the dream hasn’t died.

I might never actually end up running my own company the way I hope, but I will doggedly take steps in that direction, no matter the setbacks. From my Dad I learned to attribute professional failure to unfairness and then to stop trying; I hope to offer a better example to those close to me.

In related news, I’ve developed a crush on Anthony Burrill’s work – see Persistence is Fruitful being printed by a vintage steam roller!

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