Distributing privilege

I read about the concentration of privilege recently, despite the distribution of talent. Essentially research is supporting the assertion that someone’s background is far more likely to influence future success than their level of talent. Quelle surprise. There are things we can do individually to get nearer the circle of privilege – moving near the right school or volunteering opportunity. Making the right connections and … Continue reading Distributing privilege

Unequal explanation

Even given an ideal access to opportunity and a good level of internal expectation, there might still be a problem of unequal explanation. By which I mean a lack of insight into how to meet one’s expectations. Different walks of life have their own particular practices, their own protocols and ways of selecting who will progress or succeed. From street gangs to the ‘Establishment’, from … Continue reading Unequal explanation

Unequal expectation

A lot of effort is being put in to address problems of unequal access and opportunity, and rightly so. I think it is much more difficult to address the problem of unequal expectation. Where it’s believed that effort will lead to reward, resourcefulness may well overcome many barriers – especially given persistence and time. Without that belief though, without the expectation that things can come … Continue reading Unequal expectation

Three things to be grateful for today.

On difficult days especially, it’s good to fall back on simple gratitude practice. I comforted someone in need After wrestling with anger for some time, I saw another perspective My family welcomed me home and I felt my troubles soothed by laughter Before meditating with Headspace this morning, Andy Puddicombe mentioned that the surest path to happiness is to focus on other people’s happiness. There’s … Continue reading Three things to be grateful for today.