There are blessings.

I struggled with my mood again today, having to work hard to do anything more than close my eyes and lay down. Yesterday I’d resolved to pack a picnic and enjoy lunch in a local park; I did just that although it took 45 minutes from packing to getting out of the house.

While there some of the many blessings I enjoy occurred to me.

I’ve seen active conflict and worked with abject poverty in developing nations. I know I enjoy many blessings. Depression doesn’t respect one’s relative good fortune though, it focuses the mind narrowly and paints a bleak picture. Nonetheless, cheered by the literal and figurative blue skies, I left some of the oppressive weight I’d been carrying in Meersbrook Park.

Returning home, I struggled to remember what the blessings were.

Greeted by my enthusiastic dawg, a good friend and companion, I went to the fridge to refresh myself with a clean, cool drink. Looking through the cupboards I decided what I’d like as dessert, to follow the picnic I’d enjoyed. Not wanting to sit in my little office, which is a homely space with lots of treasured memories, I sat on our comfy sofa where I could read peacefully and listen to music from around the globe. Glumly, at first.

Of course there are blessings. We must recognise them.

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