Ready made disappointment.

I popped in a cafe in Bakewell today, which is a lovely little market town nestled in the Peak District. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a good cafe, but the one that caught my eye was also a bookshop.

Cafe plus books. Joyful!

Sadly, it wasn’t everything I hoped. All the signs were of freshly made food, but the lady behind the counter pulled a panini out of the fridge, packaged like it was for sale in a local petrol station. I took a seat and when the food came it was nicely served with salad, coleslaw, good crisps and even a nice pot of relish. The coffee was pretty good, too.

While waiting and after I’d finishing eating, I was pleased to read ‘The Iron Man’ which was sat on the side. Everything about my visit was pleasant, except for seeing the packet come out of the fridge, betraying it’s ready-made nature. It still tasted nice, but took away from the magic of the place.

If you set expectations, meet them.

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